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Stefanie Ardoin, RHIA

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by Island Organizing

Struggling to find a system to organize your paper and digital files? 

So you purchased organizing programs, cool new organizing supplies and even organizing apps, while crossing your fingers, toes, and legs hoping it will work for you.

You’re desperately trying to convince God for this new system to zap you with organizing power and transform you into an energizing organizing bunny. 

Bummer. It didn’t work. Lol No worries! I did this too.

I've always loved finding new ways and new systems, buying fun office supplies, trying something different to handle my workflows and processes that need to be efficient but sometimes we feel like the systems alone will be that tool that makes it all work for us!

Truth is once the excitement fades, you’re faced once again with the mountains of paper staring you in the face. 

Now you’re so overwhelmed with the disorganized mess and feel completely distracted with all of the "to do's" floating around in your brain.

You quickly hop on your phone for a little busy work and suddenly feel your stomach start to ball up in a knot as you see all the notifications just begging to be read. 

“Where did all these emails come from?” you think…

You cry out in frustration as you decide there is no possible way you can do this right now. 

Down goes the phone and off on another “to do” list _____

Disorganization creates distraction in our life. 

It leaves us: 



Chronically behind…

Feeling failure…

Tensed up…



Poorly managing time…

We are here to help you get functional systems in place to finally organize your paper files and digital documents so you can increase your productivity and effectiveness and free up more time to enjoy your life! 


Not because it’s magic…

Because it’s a proven system, you don’t have to do it alone, we break it down into bite size chunks you can handle and you finally have the support and accountability you’ve been missing! 

Join now!

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